Short films


“RETROUVAILLES” dir. Nicolas Bellaiche (Kino Tel Aviv, 2015) – cameraRetrouvailles


“MALÁ SMRT/A LITTLE DEATH” dir. Kim Love (Cinemaspot workshop, December 2014) – camera, acting, editing


“GRÁ/LOVE” dir. Liam Mac An Bháird  (Kino Paris, August 2013) – assistant director, 2nd camera


“THE SOUND OF A TRAIN WHISTLE IN THE NIGHT” dir. Haruna Honcoop, based on essay by Haruki Murakami (Kyoto, Japan, 2013) – director, camera, editing


“ZAVAŘ SI” / “JAMMIN'” dir. Alex Macháčová (Kino Praha, 2012) – AD, editing


“CLOSE” dir. Vincent Morelle (Kino Caen, France, 2012) – boom operator


“END OF TIME” dir. Dave Abbott (Kino Caen, France, 2012) – co-editor


“L’AMI INCONNU” dir. Haruna Honcoop (Kino Liege, Belgium, 2012)


“BERLIN BY THE WALL” dir. Haruna Honcoop (Quickino Berlin, Germany, 2011)


“THE PHATOM OF THE S-BAHN” dir. Haruna Honcoop and Thuy Trang Nguyen (Kino Berlino, Germany, 2011)


“THE SUPERIORS” dir. Haruna Honcoop and Katerina Matiasovska (Kino Euphoria – Helsinki, Finland, 2011)


“CLEANING” dir. Haruna Honcoop and Jana Kimlova (Kino Dynamique, Vienna, Austria, 2011)



“TRAINSPOT” dir. Haruna Honcoop (Kino Praha & Kino TLV, April 2015) / music by Jested


“I CAN’T STOP” dir. Olga Turczak (Berlin, December 2014) – cinematographer (stopmotion) / music video, music by Evans Nierenz


“MER DE NORMANDIE” dir. Haruna Honcoop (Normandie, France, August 2014)


“TREI MINUTI DE BUCHAREST” dir. Haruna Honcoop (Bucharest, Romania, November 2012)


“FROM KINO WITH LOVE” dir. Haruna Honcoop (Hamburg, Germany, May 2012)


“LINGUA, LINGUAE, F.” dir. Haruna Honcoop (Prague, 2010)




In 2011-2012 I was a team member of an international collaborative film project called BATESIAN based in Vienna, which is composed of a series of 6 short films “Batesian Universe” and feature film (production of the feature in 2013).

As a producer I worked on the 1st short film from the BATESIAN Universe series which is called THE PASSERSBY (director Joe Berger- Austria, screenwriter André Rios- USA). We shot this short film in Montreal, Canada in collaboration with Kino00 in October 2012 and the postproduction is held in Vienna in winter 2012. The premiere of the film is planned for spring 2013.

The project was supported by BM:UK and by donors at KICSKTARTER

More info about the film production of THE PASSERSBY:

Set photography:

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