We are in the last postproduction phase of the 3 years long project BUILT TO LAST – RELICS OF SOCIALIST ARCHITECTURE, collaborating with FAMU editor Josef Hrdlička and music dramaturgist and producer Tadeáš Haager on the final touches.

The film will be released in September 2017.

World premiere will happen on 6 October 2017 at ARCHFILM LUND Festival, Sweden.


I arrived in Tel Aviv for 1 week to attend the 2nd International Filmmaking Workshop KINO TLV. It was the week of the Israeli pesah holiday and the biggest partying city in the Middle East was relatively quiet, shops & bars were closed on that Friday night. I was walking along the night streets of Tel Aviv, enjoying the warm night and getting inspired for the upcoming filmmaking week… The inspiration was all around – the amazing modern architecture, bauhaus, crappy cheap houses, the long beautiful beach, Old Yaffo arabic district with the chants of moazzins, the magic Florentin and Neve Tsedek neighborhoods. And of course the people.

What caught my attention (I noticed it already last year when I was visiting the city for the first time) were the benches standing opposite each other on the pavements close to the busy roads all around Florentin and other areas. Who would ever want to sit in a proximity of  busy traffic and hang out there I thought to myself – as I was observing the streets later during the day, some people were sitting there from time to time, chatting, relaxing, taking a break with their heavy shopping bags, or just chilling out in the evenings when it was not too hot and the streets were not so busy anymore. For me those benches are also symbol of a dialog and conversation… Yet, they are standing at very absurd places, I created bit absurd situations. Here is the result…

And many thanks to Czech Centre in Tel Aviv for supporting this stay.

We prepare a documentary film about gay refugees – support our crew!

We’re an international team of filmmakers and we would use your help with funding our new project – GOING WEST!

In the recent months, the Middle East has seen a mass migration of people fleeing its conflicts and wars. Among these refugees, there’s a number of LGBT* folks leaving for Europe to not only find peace, but also the freedom to be themselves.

Back home, they are at a hight risk of violence, torture or death – and this risk follows them along their way until they reach safety.

The short documentary we’re working on will give space to specific refugees to express their concerns and hopes for their future lives. The film will focus on their personal stories and the similarities between them, trying to find their common ground. One of the side themes will also be how new technologies enabled their escape and what it is that they wouldn’t share with the world on social media, what is left unsaid. To get a bigger picture, we’ll also interview the official organizations that provide services for these people.

Here is our INDIEGOGO crowdfunding campaign. You can support our crew by liking our Facebook page or just support the project financially – any $ will help – we work for free, all the money go to the production expenses.

Thank you!

Relics of Socialist Architecture – PART 2: HUNGARY

From 22.6. – 24.7. 2015, I’m working on my second part of video-art project “RELICS OF SOCIALIST ARCHITECTURE IN EASERN BLOC”, researching and collecting archival film footage at OSA Archivum, Central European University and filming around Budapest and even south in Dunaújváros, the artificial socialist town founded and constructed in 1950’s. Thanks all collaborators on this project for their kind support – especially: Kati Gadoros (OSA), prof. Isztvan Rév (OSA), Alessandro Grimaldi (L’altra Budapest), Anna Mária Nagy (Dunaújváros specialist), Dumitru Rusu (Socialist Modernism / B.A.C.U – Romania), Ewa Rosiak-Zieba, Hakeem Smith, Eszter Lázar (OSA fellows), Mathew G. Erdo (editor), Gáspár Hájdu (, Belle Belle (music composer), Lily Nagy, Enikő Váczy & András Nagy (my awesome roommates). Communist presentation_leaflet_OSA Here is a PPT I presented at OSA on 13 July 2015: OSA PRESENTATION HARUNA HONCOOPOVA 13JULY2015_OK

Few pictures from my shooting: Water tower at Csepel (southern Budapest) IMG_1748 Main entrance to Csepel Müvek factoryCsepel Müvek main entrance Déli Palyaudvar trainstation building, Budapest (1975)déli Church Farkasrét templom, Budapest (1975, arch. István Szabó)IMG_1906 Main entrance to a steel factory Dunai Vasmü, Dunaújváros IMG_2051 Post office building, Dunaújvárosposta_dunaujvaros One of the oldest highrise in Dunaújvároshighrise_Dunaujvaros

And finally PART 1 of the whole project – short experimental film from Bucharest, TREI MINUTI DESPRE UN ORAS BUCARESTI which I filmed during NISI MASA Experimental Film Workshop in December 2013 but finally completed during my fellowship in Budapest:

Snímek obrazovky 2015-07-15 v 9.07.39 PM

Postkarte aus Hamburg

I went to HAMBURG to the biggest European Kinokabaret for a few days in the beginning of June. There were about 150 creative individuals from all over Europe and even Africa (Burkina Faso) who were there all with the same goal – to make short independent movies. I made my little movie only within 1 day – from the first clap til the screening in the full Hamburg cinema… It was very challenging but with my great cast and crew it was easy. Enjoy!

Trainspot story. Trip to the unknown… Reset. Restart. Recover.

This has been a long trip. I met Jested for the first time in person last November while filming a rehearsal of Disquiet band where he was playing as a drummer. During this shoot I badly injured my my feet and ended up in Vinohrady hospital for 10 days. I heard his song TRAINSPOT for the first time in the hospital while being hooked on dripfeed, high on morphium to kill all the physical pain, full of sadness, worries & painful love. I immediately loved the song once I heard it for the first time, I wanted to escape from the hospital bed, to fly away, to dance or just simply disappear from this world but it was impossible…I was bent to the bed for the following month and was jumping on one leg with crutches til the end of the year. The long, never-ending winter has passed and many things have happened in my life – hardcore breakup & loosing a job at the same time during one cold night in Prague in the end of January – I had to touch the most painful bottom to start to live again. Slowly, all by myself, with a total emptiness both in my heart and in my head, almost broke, but accepting my destiny after all and taking all new life challenges which were standing ahead. Reset. Restart. The recovery was and still is taking a long time, it’s a long process as the memories are always here and they are so strong that it’s hard to get them out of my mind. I started to follow a wu-wei philosophy and taking what comes across to my path, not forcing anything and taking the time, just to take my life as a game, game with unknown rules, unknown destinies, unknown destinations, unknown people crossing my path… One can understand this as a release, and indeed it was, a sort of. The song followed me on my journey as I believe that music heals, and so heals any kind of creative process…Nothing else in the world could help better. I started shooting spontaneously some images in March in Prague and the idea for the music video started to crystalize slowly in my head. Just this simple idea which was reflecting my actual situation – seeing the world in its surreal contoures, feeling as a stranger with all the memories of my unfulfilled love, always having in mind Thom York’s song “Creep” with “what the hell I’m doing here, I don’t belong here” kind of feeling and Haruki Murakami’s essay “The Sound of a Train Whistle in the Night” which is all about love, loneliness & suffering (I made it into a short film while I was alone in Japan 2 years ago, when I was feeling kind of the same but in totally different circumstances). Then I went for two weeks to Israel and finished the shooting there… With a help of great, talented, creative people whom I met on my way. And the music video, therefore, is a result of this painful, inner, deliberating trip. I gave all my soul, creative energy & love to it. I hope you will like it… I feel better now. Just my feet is still not healed until now and so isn’t my heart yet but it will come, one day… (Jested told me after that TRAINSPOT is about a small boy, maybe his son? /// update as of May 2015: and I’m so happy that JESTED won a music competition and they gonna play at Colours of Ostrava and record their first album this year.)

Malá smrt/ Little Death (a short film)

Snímek obrazovky 2015-02-09 v 8.19.25 PM Me and my friends Jana, Jurij and Jiří (and featuring Týna as a little devilish Angel) shot and acted in a short film “A Little Death” during December Saint Nicolas weekend in 2014. We made this little film with no budget during CINEMASPOT workshop lead by Radim Špaček. It was fun, a bit of stress too and also a great challange for me to do this while I was jumping on my one leg, second one still with a big painful injury in my feet and using crutches. (yes, the crutches in the film are real, not a mere prop).