Some films in which I acted:

SNOWPIERCER (2013) – dir. Bong Joon-ho (Korea/USA)

CITY OF SILENCE (2012) – dir. Robert Ly (entry on his web)

Kino films:

THE MYSTERIOUS DISPARITION OF PARIS – part 1 (2012) – dir. Robert Ly (Kino Praha)

THE MYSTERIOUS DISPARITION OF PARIS – part 2 (2012) – dir. Roberty Ly (Kino Praha)

KINO RHAPSODY (2012) – dir. Cedric Le Doré (Kino Hamburg)

LA PLANETE DES FEMMES (2012) – dir. Sacha Brodeur (Kino Liége)

ELLE S’EST BARRÉE (2011) – dir. Elitza Guoerguieva (Kino Be documentary)

THE SUPERIORS (2011) – dir. Haruna Honcoop and Katerina Matiasovska (Kino Helsinki)

THE LEGEND OF A PERFECT KABARET (2011) – dir. Robert Ly (Kino Helsinki)

KINO KABARET PRAHA 2011 TRAILER (2011) – dir. Haruna Honcoop

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