From Josef K to Lustration: Bureaucracy in Central Europe – audiovisual installation

Students from The Center For AudioVisual Studies at FAMU presented a series of linked installations exploring Bureaucracy and Totalitarianism. Not limited to Central European subjects, the works, using sound, video, sculpture, text and documentation from a public action explore the personal experience of the bureaucratic limiting of personal freedom(s). Haruna Honcoop, Petr Pololáník, Veronika Přistoupilová, Tomáš Roček, Matěj Šenkyřík and Andrej Sýkora were joined by their their department Chair Eric Rosenzveig and a fellow student from Charles University’s Film Studies Dept. Ondřej Bezucha. The works were presented in a hallway at NYU’s Richtruv Dum between February 23-24 with a guided tour by the artists slated for 18:00 on 24.2.


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