short film “Retrouvailles” traveling to film festivals


In April I went to Tel Aviv to attend my first Kinokabaret of this year. The atmosphere was amazing – great weather in the beginning of April, lovely Israeli people, a big crowd of international filmmakers came to create short films, beach within a walking distance from a kinolab which was based in a nice gallery with a wonderful rooftop view, simply magic.

I was working on my surreal music video Trainspot, but for 1 day I joined crew of Nicolas Bellaiche from Paris as a director of photography and we shot 24hours in a row his movie called Retrouvailles. We travelled all the way to the south of Israel to Be’er Sheva just because we couldn’t find any small actor in Tel Aviv and there was one family who agreed that their little son will be filmed. The problem was that the little Eddie didn’t cooperate with our crew, so the whole shooting was pretty much improvised. We finished around 5am after the whole day of shooting and traveling around and here is the FILM.

The short film has been selected to a few festivals, so it is traveling around the world, so it is great to see that our little movie continue living its life…


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