Relics of Socialist Architecture – PART 2: HUNGARY

From 22.6. – 24.7. 2015, I’m working on my second part of video-art project “RELICS OF SOCIALIST ARCHITECTURE IN EASERN BLOC”, researching and collecting archival film footage at OSA Archivum, Central European University and filming around Budapest and even south in Dunaújváros, the artificial socialist town founded and constructed in 1950’s. Thanks all collaborators on this project for their kind support – especially: Kati Gadoros (OSA), prof. Isztvan Rév (OSA), Alessandro Grimaldi (L’altra Budapest), Anna Mária Nagy (Dunaújváros specialist), Dumitru Rusu (Socialist Modernism / B.A.C.U – Romania), Ewa Rosiak-Zieba, Hakeem Smith, Eszter Lázar (OSA fellows), Mathew G. Erdo (editor), Gáspár Hájdu (, Belle Belle (music composer), Lily Nagy, Enikő Váczy & András Nagy (my awesome roommates). Communist presentation_leaflet_OSA Here is a PPT I presented at OSA on 13 July 2015: OSA PRESENTATION HARUNA HONCOOPOVA 13JULY2015_OK

Few pictures from my shooting: Water tower at Csepel (southern Budapest) IMG_1748 Main entrance to Csepel Müvek factoryCsepel Müvek main entrance Déli Palyaudvar trainstation building, Budapest (1975)déli Church Farkasrét templom, Budapest (1975, arch. István Szabó)IMG_1906 Main entrance to a steel factory Dunai Vasmü, Dunaújváros IMG_2051 Post office building, Dunaújvárosposta_dunaujvaros One of the oldest highrise in Dunaújvároshighrise_Dunaujvaros

And finally PART 1 of the whole project – short experimental film from Bucharest, TREI MINUTI DESPRE UN ORAS BUCARESTI which I filmed during NISI MASA Experimental Film Workshop in December 2013 but finally completed during my fellowship in Budapest:

Snímek obrazovky 2015-07-15 v 9.07.39 PM

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