Support The Passersby – first short film within the BATESIAN project


Batesian team, international group of film enthusiasts, consisting among others of NISI MASA members form Kino5 and Kino Praha have been developing short film THE PASSERSBY for nearly 9 months.

The Passersby is part of the whole series of so called BATESIAN Universe. This short is film playing in the fiction world of skill transfer technology. In this fictional world of skill transfer and trade, one New York City businesswoman has no skills to offer–and loses herself in a plot to corrupt the skill transfer corporation that simultaneously employs and demeans her.

BATESIAN International team launched the first KICKSTARTER campaign and they are going to produce it in Montreal, Canada during KINO 00 in only 3 weeks (10-20 October). The goal is to produce  GREAT film of high value even with little financial resources. Even though all the crew works for free, they need at least a little budget for the additional production expenses.

The goal of the Kickstarter Campaign is 2.000 $ (USD) – with this money they would like to feed the crew, rent location and pay part of travel expenses to Montreal and save a little bit for further marketing of the finished film. I.

If you want to support this project, follow the link at KICKSTARTER

The rule of Kickstarter is strict as you know – it is either everything or nothing if we don’t reach the goal. The Kickstarter campaign finishes on 10 October, the 1st day of Kino 00 in Montreal. 

They will have 10 days for production of the film during KINO 00 in Montreal, CANADA. The postproduction will take place after in Vienna and the film will be premiered in Spring 2013.

The premiere of the trailer is planned for the closing screening of Kino00 in Montreal on 20 October 2012.

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