Kino Dynamique 2011, Vienna


Kino Kabaret was born in 1999 in Montreal and throughout the years, it spread all over the world and these days there are kino kabaret events in quite a few cities around the globe: Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Munich, Brussels, Paris, Sydney, LondonBratislava, AmsterdamHelsinki, Madison etc. You can find the complete list of all kino kabarets in wikipedia. The idea is very simple: film enthusiasts gather together at certain place, they spend a couple of days together and produce short films.

This year I attended my first Kino kabaret called KINO DYNAMIQUE in Vienna. It is organized by guys from KINO5 and it took place in a space called Mo.ë – very punk and simple space but comfortable and inspiring for film production. In case of Kino Dynamique the task was to produce a short film within 36 hours – people meet at 11 AM for a production meeting, they present the project in front of the other people and ask for help and they have 36 hours to make a short film which is going to be screened at a cinema the next day. It is pretty challenging to make film with people who you have just met, but I think it is even more interesting this way.

During these hectic filming days there was no time for sightseeing and I actually enjoyed the city through the screen of my Sony camcorder much better then if I was just an ordinary tourist. I also have gone to the locations where I would probably never gotten – such as a rooftop in Vienna district no.4, some apartments, an Arabic market near the kinolab etc. All the films which were produced during the 6 days ( 3 x 36 hours) are shown on the KINO5 VIMEO page.  And pics are HERE. ENJOY!

And this is the video that I produced during the second session of KinoDynamique:

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