taipei 101

And i´ll miss all the crazy motorbike rides in the city, i´ll miss crowded nightmarkets, i´ll miss all the crazy parties, i´ll miss all the crappy hip-hop music in the clubs (ok, not really), i´ll miss Idioteque brit-pop parties, i´ll miss rum and coke for free in Roxy every Wednesday, i´ll miss ladies nights with another free drinks, i´ll miss picnics in Da´an park, i´ll miss bbq´s and barbequing all the strange food, i´ll miss having tofu milk for a breakfast in Yonghe city, i´ll miss waiting on the crossings and counting seconds before i could cross the street and illegal crossing when it took too long, i´ll miss sweating in the packed elevator in my university and sweating in general, i´ll miss freezing under the aircon in the school, buses, trains, mrt´s, stores, everywhere except my room-the electricity is too expensive, i´ll miss freezing in the winter while not having a heater which is not a usual equipment of Taiwanese houses,i´ll miss getting rid of the cockroaches and other strange insect in my flat and my roommate screaming while she found one, i´ll miss all the poor little street cats and dogs and Erinn´s cats Jingyu, Max, Xin and Fanny, i´ll miss all the people walking so slow on the streets, i´ll miss my creepy red second-hand bicycle and rides along Danshui river, i´ll miss standing in the never-ending lines, i´ll miss 7/11 and other convenience stores and collecting points and getting some stupid stuff in exchange, i´ll miss hearing huanying guanlin every time when i entered in any store, i´ll miss checking the receipt lottery and never win a single dollar, i´ll miss getting drunk for cheap in front of the 7/11´s after getting out of the clubs, i´ll miss cheap taxi rides in the night city and taxidrivers with red teeth chewing betel leaves, i´ll miss all the high-school guys with exactly the same weird semi-long-gel haircut, all the girls wearing cheap night-market fashion and all the cool dudes in Ximending, i´ll miss gay district in Ximending and getting condoms for free, i´ll miss eating sushi every week, i´ll miss passing through smelly tofu stalls and almost dying, i´ll miss eating all the street food and picking up food written in the menu with unknown characters and being surprised what kind of food i´ll get, i´ll miss the girls holding parasols and protecting themselves against the sun, i´ll miss crowded beaches with people that can´t swim, i´ll miss all the anti-chinese demonstrations and Amnesty International meetings, i´ll miss all the skinny girls and shopping clothes while the average size is (X)XS and not able to buy anything, i´ll miss sitting on the balcony, smoking Long life cigarettes and secretly listening to neighbor´s conversations or their running tv´s or radios, i´ll miss the old man collecting glasses in our neighborhood and waking me up every morning at 8am shouting in the loudspeaker: gua boli! gua boli!, i´ll miss palm trees with a sign: be careful – falling leaves!, i´ll miss running after a garbage truck with ten garbage bags piled up over a week, i´ll miss being introduced to taiwanese people and never remember their names, i´ll miss their funny English names (e.g. December, Hamburger, Candy, Kitty, Helloween…), i´ll miss watching fashion shows on tv with my roomie, i´ll miss bookstores and searching for hours for some books but not able finding any of them because of bopomofo alphabetic order that i haven´t been able to learn, i´ll miss sleeping in the comfy couches in Taida library, i´ll miss Taiwanese indie-rock bands, i´ll miss typhoons and the heavy rain and having typhoon holidays, i´ll miss living in the island knowing that i´m within 1 hour from the ocean and can go to the beach anytime i want, i´ll miss wearing my ten thousand pairs of flip-flops that i´ve bought here but can´t wear them back home as we dont have tropical season there, i´ll miss being lost in Taipei and finding my way once i see Taipei 101, i´ll miss making fun of mainland China and saying that Taiwan is the best, i´ll miss writing non-simplified characters, i´ll miss my little Taiwanese students, i´ll miss my classmates, i´ll miss my friends! I´LL MISS YOU, TAIWAN!

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